What will be voltage Vz in this circuit


simulate this circuit – Schematic created using CircuitLab

I have tried to solve the equation using mesh analysis by taking i1 and i2 anti clockwise in upper and lower mesh respectively.

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First, see that in the upper wire you have $$I_1=-2 Vx$$ and you can write: $$I_1 = I_2 + I_3$$, where I_2 is the current in the 2nd wire (from left to right) and I_3 is the current in the other one. Now, you have to "decide" where the Ground is and just solve equations.

Note that V_Z has the same voltage that the - of V_x. Using that, I got: $$I_2 = -\frac{V_Z + V_X}{R_2}$$ $$I_3 = \frac{15V - V_Z}{R_3}$$

If you don't know V_X, you can have it using that $$2V_X = I_2 + I_3$$


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