I am looking for different option of interfacing to the JTAG port on a PogoPlug board. I have found the picture below which has silkscreen (my board doesn't), I have used JTAG before, but it was built into the board (using an FTDI chip).

I am not quite sure what type of dongle can I possibly purchase.

I also have a few devices which could be made to do the job, I think I could use usbprog-jtag code on an Arduino, however that will also require a level-shifter (which I don't have). I have a few other devices, including an mbed board (cortex-m3) and an Econotag (arm7).

Is there a cross-platform example that I could compile with a customized GPIO mapping header and use that with OpenOCD?

I don't have a parallel port on my new machine, though I don't really feel like fiddling with parport any more, a USB dongle device is a preference really.

I know that FT2232 chip can be used for JTAG using libftdi, however I only have a FT232R cable, I suppose that cannot be use really, is that right? Though I manged to run bitbang command from libftdi. Probably the FT232R is missing some important pins that would make it usable as JTAG tool ...

Update 1: I have had a conversation with one person who suggested that there should be a way of using FT232 in bitbang mode, since you can set TX/RX to be GPIO and apparently this blog describes how to use the FTDI cable as AVR ISP.



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I have decided to go with the Bus Blaster, because it looks like the most flexible and inexpensive JTAG adaptor out there. It features a CPLD which does most of the work and can be re-programmed also.



I use an Olimex USB OCD JTAG dongle. But, I've also had some success with the Bus Pirate (both using OpenOCD on linux)

  • \$\begingroup\$ yeah, I had been told that just about any JTAG dongle should work, however the question regarding DIY still remains unanswered ;( \$\endgroup\$ Sep 16, 2011 at 18:09
  • 2
    \$\begingroup\$ Take a look at the driver layer in OpenOCD or urjtag for examples of how to hook up your own JTAG device, eg. github.com/cktben/urjtag/blob/master/urjtag/src/tap/cable/… \$\endgroup\$ Sep 16, 2011 at 22:33

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