Does anyone know if there's an CBC-MAC implementation designed/optimised for 8-bit (8051-based) MCUs? I was hoping to find one in the AVR-Crypto Lib but there doesn't seem to be one. CBC-MAC for 8-bit MCUs seems to be hardly ever mentioned in the scene.



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There does seem to be a CBC-MAC in AVR-MAC (https://github.com/mknapik/avr-MAC) in this particular library (the security toolbox): https://github.com/mknapik/avr-MAC/blob/master/STB/Src/stb_help.c

However, this is for Atmel's AVR family of 8 bit RISC microcontrollers. You mentioned the AVRs in your question, so I assume that you would not mind modifying some C code to make it work on an 8051. If it's at all possible, that is.


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