I am trying to setup a cluster-tree with 3-4 xbee 865 (S8), with nodes configured as 1 - Coordinator (API mode) 1 - Standard Router (API mode) 1 - Non Routing Module

I want network to setup such that, Communication between the coordinator and the non-routing module always takes via standard router (even if the devices are kept in range.)

  1. What steps must be carried out to setup such a network??

  2. Should i configure the DH/DL of coordinator to SH/SL of router and DH/DL of router to SH/SL of module (point-to-point communication) and have a micro-controller at Standard router to process the data received from Coordinator and modify the API frames to route data to non-routing module?? in such a case, the reverse transmission (data from module to coordinator) will not be done without modifying DH/DL of both router and module.

  3. Can such a network be setup without micro-controller, using xctu software only?? what steps??

  4. Should i use zigbee api frames or digimesh api frames??

  5. How do i ensure that the data transfer between the coordinator (to and fro) is done via router only??? (as all 3 are in the range, my attempts have resulted to transmission of data between the coordinator and the module directly, bypassing the router).

Note: xbee 865 (S8) doesnt have MYID


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xbee 865 (S8) modules run Digimesh protocol, which is a proprietary protocol. The above situation is not achievable using digimesh, as digimesh is a true mesh and nodes in range communicate directly with each other.


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