I got an idea after reading this hackaday article


that I could make a daughter board to sit under the Pi Zero and have some form of contact to preclude the need for soldering to the Pi Zero. I found this EE SE article

interface component for screwing to make electric contact

that has a good part (Spring Loaded Headers), but it seems to be several dollars a piece, so that defeats the point of the Raspberry Pi Zero.

Is there another or different type of connector that I could use in this circumstance? A sort of male pad for an under daughter board?

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    \$\begingroup\$ I don't have time to type up a proper answer right now. The 2 word answer is "pogo pins". \$\endgroup\$
    – HighInBC
    Dec 21 '15 at 15:30

As long as you are screwing the boards together somewhere else, you could use a Stacker. These only require to be soldered to one of the two circuit boards, with a solder pad/circuit on the other circuit board.

Another good solution is to use a board to board connector for a high circuit count transfer. This is a better solution for a manufactured board, as they come in varying stacking heights, pitches and pin counts.

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    \$\begingroup\$ This would work for a new design, but the poster is trying to match some existing, unevenly placed test pads on an existing product. \$\endgroup\$ Jun 18 '17 at 15:34

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