I'm trying to find the safe operating area for various types of batteries; in particular I need minimum and maximum termination voltages, although information on temperature / power / current is also desirable.

For example, I know Li-Ion typically has a safe charge window of about 3.0V to 4.2V, and I've heard that NiCd / NiMH should never be discharged lower than 0.8V / cell.

Are there any authoritative resources that list the safe operating area for a majority of battery chemistry types?


I have had a lot to do with a range of battery types in recent years. No one source covers everything or is perfect in it's treatment of a given chemistry, but I have found that Battery University usually does a good job of providing accurate, detailed and useful information.

A look at Battery university's home page will immediately show you that this is a better than usual place to find battery information.

enter image description here

Nickel based

Lead based

Lithium based

And much much much more ...

Manufacturer's pages are also an excellent source, although harder to find specific chemistry related material.

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