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I have an I2C slave device in which the maximum input voltage to SCL & SDA is 3.6V. And the I2C Master device is PIC16F877A operating at 20MHz which provides a 5V output on SCL & SDA.

Pls help me to interface these two devices.


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This is a very simple level shifter that will allow you to interface the two devices. The levels shifter is perfect for I2C because it is bidirectional.


simulate this circuit – Schematic created using CircuitLab

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If there are no 5V slaves on your I2C bus you might well get by with connecting the pull-up resistors to 3.3V. The voltage on those resistors determine the bus voltage, not the connected chips.

A consequence is that the 877 will see a lower voltage than it expects (with a 5V bus), so you might need to run the bus at a lower speed.


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