I know that Minority Carrier Life-Time is the time difference Between generation of minority carrier & their Recombination. I am bit Confused Between Minority Carrier Storage Time & Minority Carrier Life-Time, are they same thing or Different.

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As far as I know there are two differents things.

Minority carrier life-time is the time for electron and hole concentrations, changed for any cause (radiations temperature, etc.), to return to their equilibrium concentrations.

Minority carrier storage time is stricly related to junctions. The well know Space-charge region act like a capacitor, and the stored charge are minority carrier, in both P and N regions. In steady state the diffusion phenomena are terminated and we have electrons stored in P and holes in N region. If I apply a voltage I change this charge accumuled to the spatial charge region until it reach anoter equilibrium state. Then if I change the bias the charge stored change another time. The time for the stored minority charge to become zero is called storage time.

See this picture, from the venerable Millman - Halkias "Integrated Electronics". From Millman Halkias "Integrated Electronics"

If you understand this for the p-n junction it is easy to apply to the mosfet channel region.


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