I recently aquired an APC UPS and connected it to my (Mac) server through USB. However, the load percentage is only updated (via pmset -g ps) when unplugging/plugging the USB cable. I found out it's only the DATA- line that has to be diabled for a second or so.

I wondered if using an NE555 in astable mode connected to an SPST analog switch (TS5A3157 or MAX4644 f.i.) will serve my purpose (switch off the data- line for a second or so every 30 seconds). Any info on (USB) side effects would be very helpful.

enter image description here

(And yes, I've searched the interwebs, contacted APC, installed latest software/firmware et al. ;-)

Thanx in advance for any info.



At work, I've been using a programmable USB hub from Acroname to switch USB device(s) on and off using Python scripts. Apparently this hub is an off the shelf hub but pretty new (and a little expensive), and it has been very reliable for me in the lab. Not quite the discrete solution you are suggesting here, and certainly more expensive... but at work, I was looking at automating this switching and a programmable hub was a very convenient and timely find for me.


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