I'm trying to identify the connector between the Epson Moverio BT-200 smart glasses (similar to the Google Glass) and the battery pack/touchpad.

Epson Moverio Bt-200 AR glasses

Some measurements:

  • 20 pins top
  • 20 pins below
  • Pitch (between individual pins) - 0.50mm
  • Male connector outer height - 3.20mm (0.122 inch)
  • Male connector outer width - 16.60 (0.653 inch)
  • Male connector inner width (inside the metal part that fits into the female connector) - 11.1mm(0.437 inch)

male connector - close up

  • Female connector inner width - 16.6mm (0.653 inch)
  • Female connector inner height - 3.2mm (0.126 inch)

We want to build an inexpensive HDMI interface to use with our DJI phantom 3 pro quadcopter. Would be great if anyone has ideas on how we can identify this connector.



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Got the answer from someone on Reddit.

Looks exactly like the DD2-series connector, made by JAE Electronics.


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