I'm working with a PIC32MX564F128H in MPLABX 2.35 with pickit3. I'm trying to parse a message from UART. The character is received properly, but I'm stalling when I attempt to copy a character to a buffer. This is the part in my main loop:

                unsigned char*buffer="efg"; //dummy string
                GetDataBuffer(buffer, 3);


  UINT32 GetDataBuffer(unsigned char *buffer, UINT32 max_size)
        UINT32 num_char;
        num_char = 0;

        while(num_char < max_size)
            UINT8 character;
            character = UARTGetDataByte(UART1);
            if(character == '\r')
            *buffer = character;  **\\PROGRAM STALLS HERE** 
        return num_char;


In debug mode, after unsigned char pointer declaration: buffer address: 0xA0008010 Value: Invalid Address

After being passed into GetDataBuffer: buffer address: 0xA00071F8 Value: 0x9D005ED8 *buffer=0x65 ("e", at this point not written over.) Continuing, program stalls at point shown above until the debugger halts at an unknown location.


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You are having this problem because you are attempting to modify buffer which you defined as pointer to char, or rather point to a string literal. You cannot modify this. You should use:

unsigned char buffer[]="efg";

instead. For more information, check out this post: Char array vs Char Pointer in C

  • \$\begingroup\$ So unsigned char*buffer="efg" is actually like a unsigned char const *const buffer="efg" where change in address pointed and value is not allowed?? \$\endgroup\$
    – AlphaGoku
    Apr 18, 2016 at 7:38

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