How do I see the operating region names like "active, saturation" in cadence for MOSFET.

I remember getting it by setting up View> DC annotation> Setup > selecting DC operating region > Display > region.

But Now I am getting the region displayed as numbers "0,1,2"

Can someone please tell how to get the operating region names?



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You can map the 5 regions as follow:

0 cut-off

1 triode

2 sat

3 subth and 4 breakdown

Source for this information, "http://community.cadence.com/cadence_technology_forums/f/38/t/14626"

Its just encoded that way and you can just know which region it is from the above information, which solves its purpose.


In view > DC annotation setup >

select pmos4/nmos4 (corresponding transistor) under Display mode choose "component parameter" under "Expression" select " region"

This will show the short name of region as shown in screenshot , instead of region numbers.

Screenshot for answer


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