I wanted to print the negative artwork from a PCB that I've designed. The problem is that I couldn't find that option in Altium Designer. I found that I can create a solid layer and then play with the colors of the print. But I wanted something better. I found that Altium can export a Gerber with negative, but I couldn't put the holes and the negative affects all the page (I wanted to negate only the PCB, so I don't waste too ink). What Can I do? Thanks!


You can use the

File>Fabrication Output>Gerber

to generate the output of the required layers. Then on the generated Camcastic file you can go to

Tools>Film Wizard

There you can select the Negative for the layers and then you can also mirror the layers you want. Afterwards you just have to print the file. The printed file can be imported into Gimp and thus you can select the unused black parts and delete them to save the ink. I hope this makes sense.


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