What are the (generally) safe maximum operating temperatures of various lead acid batteries such as wet cells, sealed lead acid, glass mat?

I'm looking for a battery that can withstand around 60 degrees C at a low discharge rate (recharge would be at room temperature). If lead acid batteries are not appropriate, what would be a better alternative?



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Look long and hard at Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries.

Serveral times the cost of lead acid insom cases. Lowest whole of life cost in most cases.

Much on web.

From battery university :

enter image description here

Here are a few CLAIMS.

Ping batteries Shanghai -20 - +70 C
Making LiFePO4 batteries since 2007.

YESA batteries Hong kong. -20 - +75

Liberty elecric bikes PA, USA. -20 ~ +70


There are industrial batteries that fall into your requirements. You would need to read the specifications to know if a particular model is recommended in that range.

I have used the Hawker Genesis under extreme circumstances, but not those that you describe. However, the specifications (pdf) indicate that GnnEPX are rated for -40 - +60 degrees C for storage, discharge and charge.

This is just one example, you would want to review the specifications of the particular model(s) of interest.

Edit: The general answer is that most lead acid batteries will NOT be rated for 60 C.


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