I have a Nokia 6310 display which I would like to reuse as a display controlled by an ATMega. I can find plenty of information about N3310 display but almost nothing about 6310.

Does anyone know the type of the display and where to find its specification (pinout, protocol)?

On the metallic cover, there is "01222P02148DS" imprinted and "DMD06868" engraved. On the display itself, there is nothing. The display has 8 pins connected to the rest of telephone.

Any hints are welcome.

UPDATE: Thanks, in the meantime, I've found http://www.module.ro/nokia_3510.html with more details.

Nokia 6310 & 6310i lcd pinouts

    Lcd chip: Philips pcf8511 / pcf8813 (I think - not tested but it looks to be the same lcd driver used in N3510) 
    Resolution: 96x65 
    Protocol: SPI 3Wire 
    Die size: cca. 2,85x10,85 mm 
    Spare part code: 4850163 

Pin8 _Reset
Pin7 _Cs
Pin6 Gnd
Pin5 Sdata
Pin4 Sclk
Pin3 Vio  1.8V
Pin2 Vbooster in  2.7V
Pin1 Vlcd  (from internal dc/dc converter)

I'm still unsure about Vlcd (3.3V?), so I will look for the datasheet and if it works, I'll post the details.


You can find the pinout for this display and other nokia displays here and here.

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