I am designing a display driver board. I have used a HDMI receiver ADV7619 for the same, I am using HDMI input to my board coming from PC. This receiver has RGB and YCrCb signal out. I have already defined an LVDS interface.

My question is, can i take RGB24 signal out from this receiver directly instead of using LVDS interface which I think here is not necessary.

Is it possible to interface the LVDS pinout directly to this IC.

Below I have pasted the LVDS interface that I have defined for my project. the additional pins for e.g. backlight can be ignored. The important pins are LVDS differential pairs.

LVDS Interface

  1. RXO0- -lvds chan0-odd
  2. RXO0+ +lvds chan0-odd
  3. RXO1- -lvds chan 1-odd
  4. RXO1+ +lvds chan 1-odd
  5. RXO2- -lvds chan 2-odd
  6. RXO2+ +lvds chan 2-odd
  7. vss ground
  8. RXOC- -lvds chan Clock input odd
  9. RXOC+ +lvds Clock input odd
  10. RXO3- -lvds chan 3-odd
  11. RXO3+ +lvds chan 3-odd
  12. RXE0- -lvds chan 0-odd
  13. RXE0+ +lvds chan 0-odd
  14. vss ground
  15. RXE1- -lvds chan 1-even
  16. RXE1+ +lvds chan 1-odd
  17. vss ground
  18. RXE2- -lvds chan 2-odd
  19. RXE2+ +lvds chan 2-odd
  20. RXEC- +lvds chan Clock even
  21. RXEC+ +lvds chan Clock even
  22. RXE3- -lvds chan 3-odd
  23. RXE3+ +lvds chan 3-odd
  24. vss ground
  25. vss ground
  26. NC not connected
  27. AGMODE aging mode selection
  28. Vcc +5V power supply
  29. Vcc +5V power supply
  30. Vcc +5V power supply
  31. Vcc +3.3V power supply
  32. Bklt_power backlight power
  33. bklt_pwr backlight_power
  34. bklt_pwr backlight_power
  35. bklt_gnd ground
  36. bklt_gnd ground
  37. bklt_gnd ground
  38. I2c_gnd i2c_ground
  39. i2c_sda i2c_sda
  40. i2c_ pwr i2c_power
  41. i2c_scl i2c_scl
  42. bklt_pwr backlight power
  43. bklt_pwr backlight power
  44. bklt_pwr backlight power
  45. bklt_gnd ground
  46. bklt_gnd ground
  47. bklt_gnd ground
  48. bklt_enable Enable BLK pin
  49. GND
  50. GND
  51. GND
  52. GND
  53. GND
  54. GND
  55. GND
  56. GND
  57. GND
  58. GND
  59. GND
  60. GND

Thanks in advance.


Doing a text search for 'LVDS' on this datasheet turns up nothing, so I am going with "No."

  • \$\begingroup\$ Thanks, I tried the same before. But I think the signal conversion is needed \$\endgroup\$ – Ru_P Jul 8 '16 at 15:51
  • \$\begingroup\$ LVDS encodings can be tricky and vary a bit, so there would need to be a lot of configurability inside the device. When you wire up an LVDS encoder chip you know what signals are going where, which is good. \$\endgroup\$ – Daniel Jul 8 '16 at 17:47

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