I'm using an HC-05 and I have it successfully wired up to my ATMega328P so that the HC-05 Tx is tied to the ATMega328 Rx and HC-05 Rx is tied to the ATMega328P Tx.

So I'm assuming that the data received on the wireless signal is then written to the HC-05 Tx pin. That sends it to the Rx pin of the ATMega328P (since it is wired as I explained above).

Is that a valid description?

Just trying to untangle this in my mind so I understand that received data (via wireless) appears on the Transmit (Tx) pin. I could almost see that wirelessly received data could be found on Rx pin since it is really data that is received but I think the two are separate.

Guess About HC-05 Chip and Wireless Data

I'm guessing that a chip on the HC-05 writes the received data to the serial port (Tx), right? And then data that i want to be sent over the bluetooth from the HC-05 would be read on the Rx pin which is then converted to wireless and sent by the HC-05?

Can someone clear it up for me?


By a convention, Tx is the transmitting line (outgoing), Rx is the receiving one (incoming). So when two devices are interconnected the Tx of the transmitting device should be connected to Rx of the receiving device.

Update: To make it clear, decouple the HC-05 to the wireless part and to the wired serial. The statement above is true for the serial part. So, whatever is received wirelessly, is transmitted serially. And vice-versa.


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