I have a subckt def:

.subckt test_L1.2u_W0.14u x y
  . . . . . . 
.ends test_L1.2u_W0.14u

I define another subckt which calls the above subckt test_L1.2u_W0.14u

.subckt top
Xt1 x1 y1 test_L1.2u_W0.14u
Xt2 x2 y2 test_L1.2u_W0.14u
.ends top

The error notifies that test_L1.2u_W0.14u did not exist.

I create a testbench in which remove the . In the subckt definition, and it runs without error. So does hspice care about . In naming convention of subckt. If so, could you provide me some docs relating to this?


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The syntax for HSPICE is not well-defined, at least not well-documented. The manual states that it takes a type subnam.

Turning to the original SPICE, at least we find something:

A name field must begin with a letter (A through Z) and cannot contain any delimiters.

However, what is a delimiter is left to your imagination. You have just found that . is a delimiter.

An unqualified guess is that you can get close by looking at the documentation for a lot of other programming languages, most notably Fortran and C. Identifiers must start with a letter or underscore, then continue with a sequence of letters, numbers or underscores.


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