I have a device with a thermal fuse in it. The fuse has failed, and I would like to replace it.

Does thermal fuse have a polarity, similar to an electrolytic capacitor, or is it the same with normal fuse? It has a stripe marking on it.

Is it sensitive to polarization, or will either way work?


Short: No. Thermal fuses are not polarised.

Longer :-) :

No thermal fuse I have ever seen was polarised (based on decades of experience but ...).

I cannot think why a thermal fuse would be polarised.

This seems to be extremely unlikely but I mention it for completeness:
If a device that was called a thermal fuse WAS polarised then it would be more than a fuse - it would be very special in some unusual manner.
If so then it would need to be replaced by an identical unit if it was going to do the same job.

A photo would be a good idea.
Does it have a part number on it?

  • \$\begingroup\$ i can't see the part number, blew up already...but the mark there ( label ) is fuse.. \$\endgroup\$ – Rick Ant Jan 21 '12 at 10:09

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