I would like to link 4 load cells sensors to an arduino. I am trying to follow this tutorial. I am using this load combinator

enter image description here

and I need to connect it to this load amplifier

enter image description here

The combinator has E+ E- A- A+ SLD outputs The amplifier has E+ E- A- A+ B- B+

How do I connect the 2 boards?

  • \$\begingroup\$ Also, this load combinator switches the Red (positive) and White (signal) cables of all the gauge sensors. Ridiculous Sparkfun mistake \$\endgroup\$ Mar 13, 2017 at 22:41

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........ Combinator

E+ ... Red
E- .... Black
A- .... White
A+ ... Green

enter image description here

HX711 data sheet



On this Sparkfun page you will find the diagram below. At upper right I've added a red rectangle to highlight the relationshp between the amplifier connector labels and the Sparkfun colour-based connection names.

Your Maitek HX711 amplifier is similar in functionality to the
Sparkfun HX711 amplifier EXCEPT that your version uses both amplifiers/ channels in the HX711 and sparkfun only use one.

enter image description here

HX711 surprisingly good data sheet and demo library and code - zip file - I have not opened it.

From Elecrow here

Lots of relevant information here and here

HX711 on Arduino forum

Here is one example of the HX711's use:

enter image description here

Note the two input channels - only one shown in use.
If a second bridge was used it could share the V_AVDD and ground leads (E+ / E- = excitation +/-)

From this better-detailed than many seller's page

GITHUB Arduino library - An Arduino library to interface the Avia Semiconductor HX711 24-Bit Analog-to-Digital Converter {ADC} for Weight Scales.


50 assembled boards for $US0.70 each !!!!


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