I've written my own flash programming functions to be used in a bootloader.

I have a small function that actually performs the write operation that is copied into ram so that both flash blocks can be written to.

Documentation reviewed and code complies with: AN4695 "Avoiding Read While Write Errors When Developing In-Software Flash Programming Applications for Kinetis and ColdFire+ MCUs" and the "K64 Sub-Family Reference Manual"

I have fully tested writing to flash block 1 and everything works as expected.

When I attempt to write to any properly aligned block in flash block 0, there are no error noted by the K64 (FTFE_FSTAT) BUT the flash at the specified location is NOT changed.

Again -- all works well in block 1 but does not write to block 0 and no errors are reported.

I have checked the flash protection registers and there is no flash write protection in place.

I'm out of ideas so I'm hoping someone on the forum and provide some insight.




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Code is correct.

Turns out my debugger has an issue displaying flash data that changes in the lower block.

Tools are suppose to help -- not cause grief!!



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