Does anyone have any experience in using the Enhanced Parallel Master Port on the PIC24 family?

I am trying to use the example on page 42 of the EPMP manual - the "Read Example".

My problem is that the example doesn't even begin to even think about the vaguest possibility of working. The very first bit:

#define CS_START_ADDRESS        0x200000L

// define an array in EPMP EDS space to access the external resource
__eds__ char pmp_data[EXTERNAL_RESOURCE_SIZE]
    __attribute__((space(eds), address(CS_START_ADDRESS), noload));

will not compile. It complains:

error: size of array ‘pmp_data’ is too large

Now, the EPMP on this chip has 23 address lines. That's a massive 8MB of address space - coupled with 2 CS lines, so a total possible of 16MB. This is only 256KB I am using (the example in the manual is for 2 x 128KB memory chips, which is as it happens just what I have here).

So what's the game here? I have had a poke around in the linker scripts, but nowhere in any of the chips' scripts can I see any mention of the EDS space. I am, quite frankly, lost in those gld files, and last time I tried tinkering with one it broke it completely.


Ok, I get to answer this one myself.

Buried deep inside some example code lost somewhere in the MCP website I find this:


  1. Using arrays larger than 32K must be compiled with: -mlarge-arrays This file is set to compile with this setting. Please refer to the C30 User's Manual for details on -mlarge-arrays (DS51284)


Now, you'd have thought that they'd have maybe mentioned that in the EPMP manual, now wouldn't you?


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