I have a project where I need to connect a Phillips KTY83-1 Temperature sensor to an MCU to measure temperature. It appears that as temperature changes, the resistance of the device changes. I am wondering if the circuit to connect it to the MCU (TI MSP430F5529) is as simple as a voltage divider, and size it to +3.3V to 0V? There is a minimum current requirement of 1mA, so do you just size the resistors so that in the worst case you get 1mA through?

Also, how would I protect the input from the outside world if I want to be able to remove and attach the probe at will. Will a Zener Diode selected to just over VCC do the trick?


The company is now called NXP and has a number of useful datasheets and application notes.

A typical readout circuit is shown below. enter image description here

Of course a simple voltage divider could be used as well, if the input impedance of the ADC is high enough. The linearization could be done in software. enter image description here

The two examples are taken from the AN.


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