I have to replace a capacitor from a motherboard, but I can't find any information about the manufacturer, capacitance, voltage, tolerance and ESR values.

I suppose the capacitance is: 330uF (not sure, because I've found online that the coloured band can indicate the multiplier 10^-1, 10^0, 10^1,...) and voltage: 2.5v, but nothing about manufacturer, tolerance and ESR.

Here the image (3H5 VLPU 330 2.5v) enter image description here

Can you help me please?



  • Possible substitute in stock
    • 1st is 16 mOhm ESR vs original 12mOhm
    • 2nd is 10 mOhm ESR Aluminum Polymer low profile low ESR 330uF 2.5V



I would go with 2)

in future Lookup 330uF 2.5V and check photos and compare specs. and [X] in stock and cut tape for SMD (1pc)


It is a polymer cap by Matsuki Polimer. Datasheet can be found here.

As you guessed: 330uF, 2.5V.

VLPU is the name of the product series.

3H5 is the datecode (couldn't find how to translate it).

  • \$\begingroup\$ The date code could be, maybe, the 4th week of august for one year that end with 3 (1993? 2003? 2013? I don't know...). I found this info here but i don't have any other info about standard, meaning, etc (surely in IEC 60062 there's noting about this 3-character date code). \$\endgroup\$ – Antonio Sep 22 '16 at 12:24

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