I have an old communist era E.European 'hifi' which I would like to connect a turntable too. There are three DIN socket inputs on the amp, and I assume one of them must be able to receive the phono connection. One of them seems to be magnetic tape, but I've no idea about the others (possibly different types of phono cartridge?).

I've attached a photo.

If anyone recognises these, please could you tell me:

  • What the two symbols mean
  • If poss, a pinout for the DIN connector (so I can rewire my 2-RCA connector turtable to fit)

enter image description here


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From left to right:

  • Turntable pickup, magnetic (a.k.a. dynamic).

  • Turntable pickup, crystal (a.k.a. piezo).

  • Tape recorder.

See here for pinout: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DIN_connector#Analog_audio


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