I need to plot Smith chart, having frequency, VSWR, reflection coefficient and phase. I'm aware there's smithchart command in matlab and as an argument I should use reflection coefficient, but my chart looks not as it should (below the chart you can see my rho values): enter image description here As far as I know, as an output I should get something similiar to this: enter image description here

So my question is: is there any program that will help me with this task, using values that I mentioned in the first line? So far I've found something called Smith, but it would be rather tiresome to manually add dozens of points. Still, if it's the easiest way to plot Smith chart, I'll go with it.


It looks like the values you gave for rho are all real numbers.

And it looks like Matlab plotted some values along the real axis:

enter image description here

If you want to get a result like your other example, you should provide complex values of the reflection coefficient, not just the magnitude or real part.

If you were simulating the reflection of a purely resistive load on a lossless transmission line, then real-valued reflection coefficients are what you should expect, and you may already have a correct Smith chart.


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