VSC7145XRU-31/C - this IC uses PQFP package

the replacement component for that TLK2201 uses HVQFP package

also TLK2541 uses TQFP

that's why i wanted to know whats the clear difference between them

  • VQFP - Very Thin Quad Flat Pack. Around 0.8 mm thick.
  • HVQFP - Heatsink Very thin Quad Flat Pack. Also around 0.8 mm.
  • TQFP - Thin Quad Flat Pack. Typically 1mm thick.
  • LQFP - Low-profile Quad Flat Pack. Typically 1.4 mm thick.
  • PQFP - Plastic Quad Flat Pack. Thickness from 2 mm up-to 3.8 mm.

Since you were interested in HVQFP, here's an image from Digikey. This one allows you to mount a heatsink at the top for better dissipation. enter image description here


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