I am making a DC motor and i got coil from a transformer and the coil is a lot thicker than the coil in your usual DC motor, i want to ensure that the motor runs on 9 volts, the coil is about 1 mm in diameter.

enter image description here

So my question is:

Will it run on more than 9 volts?


Does the diameter of the coil in a motor determine the amount of volts needed to run it?

No. It's a mechanical design consideration; indirectly, it does affect field strength, but that only indirectly links with voltage...

So, Motor design is a complex topic full of tradeoffs.

There's literally dozens of different kinds of eletrical motor designs, and every one of them has a different relation between coil diameter, wire resistance/diameter, coil currents, forces and moments, speed and voltages.

I'm afraid you'll have to dig through a bit of literature on your specific motor type if you need info on how to build a motor to operate at a certain voltage giving you certain operational characteristics (current, torque, speed, reluctance, temperature…).


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