I have a system which is built from taking the transfer function.

Lets call it "sys".

Now I found the impulse response for this system by taking,


I could do (y,x) = impulse(sys) to get the sample values out of this impulse waveform.

But these sample time are fixed, and I am looking for getting the samples out of this impulse waveform at specific sampling intervals, example: 1/100.

How can I do this ?


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From https://es.mathworks.com/help/control/ref/impulse.html "impulse(sys,t) uses the user-supplied time vector t for simulation".

So, just generate your vector as [0:dt:Tfinal] and simulate!

If your system is a rational transfer function, an alternative way would be to compute the residues [r,p,k] = residue(b,a) and just write the time-domain function taking the inverse Laplace transform using whatever time vector you wish.


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