In every tutorial I've come across concerning servo motors, no one mentions motor drivers. Instead, they show the servo getting power directly from the microcontroller. Yet, I understand that a lot of current sinks when the torque rises.

So, can I power the servo motor via a power transistor or a motor driver for DC motors, like L293? Or there are any other motor drivers dedicated for servo motors?

Thank you in advance.


Even though it was a general question. this is the servo I have in mind: https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11884


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This is a hobby servo for remote controlled models. It has got its own motor driver on board, and a closed loop controller. It's self-contained. It only requires DC power and the control signal.

Further reading

  • Hobby servo tutorial written by Sparkfun
  • In the industry servomotor means a motor coupled with a sensor for position feedback. An industrial servomotor typically requires an external driver and controller.

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