I am learning basic electronics by repairing a series of broken devices in my home lab/workshop. My first repair is a very common problem: some defective LEDs on a Style Selections 15-in Adjustable Brushed Steel Casual/Transitional Integrated Desk Lamp with Metal Shade Model # 17794-000 from Evolution Lighting (www.evolutionlightingllc.com). The company doesn't seem to respond to parts requests for components, and my searches on the internet haven't turned up a part number or supplier for a few replacement LED's.

The LED's appear to be 5mm bright white straw hat with a forward voltage of 3.2 volts. I have attached photos in case someone can help me with component identification, manufacturer/supplier and a part number. (This is a simple repair that should keep a useful item out of the landfill - and help me perfect my soldering/desoldering skills.)

Many thanks to anyone who can guide me to a solution.LED side view

LED top view[![][2]


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    \$\begingroup\$ Why yes, its an LED \$\endgroup\$ – Voltage Spike Feb 22 '17 at 4:50

Yes. It seems to be a 5mm bright white straw hat possibly with a nominal forward voltage of 3.2 volts at a nominal forward current of 20 mA.

What I mean to say this is a bog standard led and you could replace it with any typically 20mA at 3.2V led of various colors as long as it fits. Nothing special about it.

Also the reviews on that lamp are garbage. The lamps routinely fail, with dead leds. Likely a bad design in the regulation or over-driving the leds. Replacing the leds will only prolong the inevitable. At 20 bucks, your better off buying a better lamp.




These are pretty good bright LEDs, Neutral white 3.6~7.1 Cd @ 50deg get a dozen or more. $38/100pc

If anyone wants 30deg >16Cd 4500K white are avail. for $50/200pc

I would not be too concerned about the the stubby lens, it just gives broad light angle ( unknown angle, intensity and colour temp) possibly for a short task light. 50deg is pretty good, maybe 30 is preferred with many LEDs.


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