I am looking for a hotkey that will have the same effect as "Program Target Device" from the toolbar or menu.

Programming Target (4/7/2012  7:55:43 AM)
PIC24F16KA101 found (Rev 0x8)
Erasing Target
Programming Program Memory (0x0 - 0x143F)
Verifying Program Memory (0x0 - 0x143F)
Programming Configuration Memory
Verifying Configuration Memory
PICkit 2 Ready

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I don't think there is a hotkey assigned to that action by default. However, you can define your own hotkey:

MPLAB -> Configure -> Settings... -> Hot Keys -> Command -> PICkit 2 Programmer.Program


I don't have MPLAB open right now, but you can use keys for most things. Maybe there isn't a single hot key for DEBUG > PROGRAM, but Alt-D G (or whatever the key for "program" is) should do it. You might be able to assign your own hot key, but I haven't played with that recently.


Another option would be to use the cli version of the programmer PK2CMD.


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