So there are soo many manufacturers making ARM and ARM Cortex-Mx chips and a few of them have I²S and I even saw one with S/PDIF. This wikipedia article gives me some lay of the land, but I need some hand-holding (or spoon-feeding).

The only hard data I have been looking at is that at ST Microelectronics.

Is there a good central spreadsheet that, even if it's a couple years old, lays out the different ARM and ARM Cortex-M chips from various manufacturers with qualitative details (like has or has not FPU, DSP, 64-bit, I²S or whatever interface) and quantitative details (like on-chip RAM size, cache size, instruction clock rate)?

As you might imagine, I am wondering what chip might be best for audio processing with multiple channels (like 4 or even 8 or even 16 in and maybe 4 out) and with a decent high-speed method of getting the multi-channel samples in and out (if not I²S, something better).

It's not really a mixer, but think of it as if it is. More innies than outies.

I just wanna know where to begin finding and looking up chip data.

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