I've been happily playing around with TTL logic but have recently come across an Analog / Digital converter TSC7106 whilst tearing apart an old thermostat which has demanded V+, GND and ... V- :o

I see that I should come up with some kind of virtual ground but I'm unsure of the simplest approach. I've tried setting up my bench power supply to 10v and then creating a 50/50 voltage divider with 10K resistors but I notice that any asymmetric load seems to heavily reduce the voltage on the loaded side.

I have a fair range of resistors, capacitors and have a couple of operational amplifiers that I can salvage from various junk (TL081CP, MC1458P1, PMIOP07CP). Could someone point me towards the easiest solution to get this A/D converter up and running?



P.S. I'm an IT engineer that's just getting started with electronics.

Test circuit diagram


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