I want to know if the officially defined DALI commands entail anything related to adjusting color temperature.

I understand that it specified quite a few commands in adjusting brightness, but I failed to find anything linked to color temp.

Am I correct in assuming it is entirely manufacture-specific?

I've spent quite a lot of time searching, but I can only land search hits with product pamphlets, and nothing remotely related to DALI packets sent and received over the DALI network.

Can someone give me a confirmation? Thanks in advance.


It is not manufacturer-specific, it was standardised in IEC 62386-209:2011 Digital addressable lighting interface - Part 209: Particular requirements for control gear - Colour control (device type 8) https://webstore.iec.ch/publication/6965

This covers four colour control types:

  • XY Coordinate
  • Tc Colour Temperature using a Mirek scale
  • Primary N direct primary
  • RGBWAF Red Green Blue White Amber Freecolour.

It is optional which of these types are implemented in a gear which supports part 209.


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