I am Embedded Software developer. Don't have much knowledge of hardware side but am trying some hardware stuff.

Is it possible to program AVR (ATMega328p) wirelessly using Bluetooth device (HC-05) and then use the same device for data communication?

I have tried this circuit to power ON HC-05 and HC-05 RESET(KEY) by MCU's GPIO and PIN32 of HC-05 is used to reset MCU during programming. The problem is that whenever MCU reset HC-05 also get switched OFF.

Is there any solution or any other circuit that can program AVR and also can communicate data from other Bluetooth devices?

CIRCUIT FOR HC-05 & ATMega328p


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If you're an embedded programmer, you'd pretty definitely be aware of the concept of bootloaders.

Typically, you'd have a minimal firmware (the bootloader) that

  1. runs at boot of your ATMega,
  2. sets up the bluetooth device,
  3. uses it (in any way imaginable) to check whether a firmware update exists,
    · if there's one, receives that and
    · writes it to the flash of the ATMega
  4. jumps to the position of the firmware in flash memory.

Pretty much, classical bootloader with update function.


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