Correct me if I'm​ posting this in the wrong sub. I've never really played with LED lighting, but I've seen there are two types, bulbs and down lights. While the bulb type is more common as most of us still use CFL or already moved to LED, the down light type is somewhat interesting. It reminds me of the circular CFL. While I don't really see the advantage of using bulb against the down light version and vice versa, since from what I've seen they could have same wattage ratings (in this case I've seen both in 25W version). Are there any real advantage in between the two? Or is it just a mere design?


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Difference is in light footprint. Think of down-light like a spot-light.

LED Bubs are more intended to act more like.. well .. bulbs. That is, be non-directional. Down-lights will make a bright spot on your floor.

Generally the bulb type is more popular because people are trying to replace standard bulbs in standard fixtures.

However if you are replacing a bulb in say a pot-lamp, it makes more sense to use the down-light since you get more light coming in the direction you need for the same wattage.


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