I am designing a Battery Charge controller for our 12V LiFePo battery.

Power input is:

a. Solar Panel 80W @ 12V (Vopencircuit=21.33V, Vmaxpower=17.78V) OR

b. 18VDC grid power.

Either one power input will be selected at time of deployment, so PCB should be able to handle both cases.

Question: Which of the following IC is better for the application, BQ24650 or BQ24620? What is the difference between these ICs?

Battery specs: Charge Voltage=14.3V, 4 cell Lithium Iron Phosphate, Vout=12V

This is my first time design a Solar panel powered circuit. Thank you.


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BQ24650 is a MPPT controller/charger for solar panel. While the BQ24620 is designed for adapter charger.

I would try the MPPT, because it is suited for panel, I guess when you will connect the DC voltage on the input, the MPPT point is trivial and it shouldn't make troubles. Anyway you can experiment with different DC voltages - higher or lower than 18V if the circuit will have weird behaviour.

It seems no problem to operate the BQ24650 from adapter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GN7At6CLAyE


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