I need to deep flash my phone, however instead of the normal red, black, white and green wires, my cable has two red, one white, one green and two uncoated wires. Since I don't really wanna die, which cables should I short out without giving myself an electric shock? (which cables are data+ and ground?)

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Is your USB like this? enter image description here

If so, i would recommend using a multimeter to find which cable belongs to every pin. Then:

~A6 & B6 is the standard Green cable

~A7 & B7 is the White cable,

~A1 & B1 & A12 & B12 is the black, and

~A4 & B4 & A9 & B9 is the red cable,

which can be used as a "USB A" based on the picture bellow.

enter image description here

*Even if you flip it, you will get the same cables.


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