I am trying to create an IP using Vivado HLS. I have a lot of arrays. I have given directives to infer BRAM, with my array bram_arr like

#pragma HLS_RESOURCE variable=bram_arr core=RAM_1P_BRAM
set_directive_interface -mode bram "bram_init" bram_arr

Still I don't get a BRAM.

What should I do to infer BRAM for the array bram_arr?


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After some trial and error, I could infer BRAM. I didn't get BRAM, because my array size was less (4). When I increased my array size to 1024, I could obtain BRAM inferred for the global variable bram_arr.

Here is the screenshot of the results:

Resource Utilization

As you can see it inferred 18K BRAM for my Kintex 7 device.

Thank you.


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