The equation is:

\$I_{in} = \frac{V_{th} - V_{in}} { R_{th}}\$

This equation is from a one-port network.

enter image description here


I = input current

Vth = thevenin voltage

Vin = input voltage

Rth = thevenin resistance

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    – dirac16
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Here's the equivalent circuit in the situation you're asking about


simulate this circuit – Schematic created using CircuitLab

"X" is whatever device is outside the device being studied. It could be a source, a resistor, or anything else.

Regardless of what is connected to the port, if the input voltage is \$V_{in}\$, then you can see the voltage across the thevenin equivalent resistor is \$V_{in}-V_{th}\$, so the input current can be obtained from Ohm's law as


Which, incidentally, means there is a sign error in the formula you presented.


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