I want to use standard peripherals library for stm32l476rg(stm32-nucleo). But I could not find it. I dont want to use HAL Library. Do you any suggestion?


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ST doesn't have a "standard perhiperals library" for L4 as they used to have for other chips, but was discontinued and replaced by STMCube. STM32CubeL4.

However, ST does have Low-Level API. This is new, and is more similar to the old "std periph". These start with: stm32l4xx_ll_.

All of which are found in the STMCubeMX tool.

DSP library is found in CMSIS, not from ST, but from ARM. This is included in ST's library package though.


It doesn't exist. ST never wrote a Standard Peripheral Library for the STM32L4 series.

You're not the first person to wish this existed. But it's unlikely to happen. You may want to consider using libopencm3 as an alternative.


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