These are model Numbers of iPhone 5S. I want to know why two Model numbers of iPhones have the same FCC ID? I am assuming that as they are two models, they are NOT the same for Apple yet they have the same FCC ID . What constitutes a change of FCC ID and when does it take place?

Another example would be of iPhone 5 where Models A1428, A1429 and A1442 have the same FCC ID BCG‑E2599A.

Why so?


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I get the impression that Apple has done testing of different functions on multiple hardware with similarities.

From FCC:

enter image description here

The FCC IDs applies to different frequencies. Could be the Wifi / Bluetooth module is tested and filed under one number for a specific model, but the radio was tested on another model.

From 2643B test report: enter image description here Hints of similarities with 2643A except for the Wifi.

Usually similarity is used so you don't have to retest every configuration (memory, battery, etc) of a hardware. But the exact definition of similarity probably have to be discussed with FCC.


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