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I recently started using HyperLynx from Mentor and I'm having difficulties in analyzing the signal-integrity of the signals due to having switches in the circuit. When I load the IBIS of the switch, it detect correctly the different routes, but when I select the input route, it also selects all possible outputs.

In this case, the idea is to analyze the route from:

1) CLVTH16245 (bi-directional transceiver) <- 2) SN74CBT16390DGGR (switch) <- 3) SN74CBT16214CDL (switch)

I select the line using right button and include in Analisys but it selects all the possible routes as you can see at the next image: enter image description here

Moreover, when I try to modify the assigned model it doesn’t allow me to select only one route and select all three routes as you can see on second image.

enter image description here Can anyone tell me how can I select only one route at a time to analyze?

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As I found a solution to my own quiestion some time ago I would like to share it with everyone, as this may happen to many of us.

The solution was the modification of the IBIS file. In my project I was using different switches so I can tell you about different IBIS files. What I did was to force the IBIS model to work with only one route.

See the next capture where I show you the change in the IBIS file.

enter image description here

As you can see I deleted all the routes except the route 3. this allows me to study the route 3 of the switch. I did the same for route 2 and 1. In another IBIS file of a different switch I had to do more modifications, so you have to be careful when doing this.

Also some IBIS models aren't correct so the simulation can still give problems.

In sum, it's a slow process but at least it works.

Best regards.

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