I am trying to use simulation of Altium for the first time and i established a simple circuit which was mentioned as "Circuit.jpg" however i have obtained some errors when i run the simulation. My first question is related to fix these errors and how i can put an ac source and make transient analysis on Altium Sİmulation.

My second question is about simulating models. In a schematic library, i tried to add a diode's simulation model. Firstly, i have downloaded a full list of spice models of Diodes Inc. and then i have saved this .txt file as a ".mdl" file as i metioned "diodes-spice-models.mdl" I have select as model name "DEFAULT_DI_B340A" from the browse list like"All_Diode_Models.jpg". My question is that this method is correct or should i copy my model and make a new model and add it to component like i mentioned "Single_Model_B340A.jpg". I also added the "B34AA.mdl" file. If you share your ideas and comments i will be happy because i really desire to work using Altium Simulation. Thank you so much.

These are the files and images of circuits;

1. http://www.diodes.com/spice/downloadall (This can be dowloaded as .txt and can be saved as .mdl)

2. This is the model of B340A obtained by the file above.

*SRC=B340;DI_B340;Diodes;Si; 40.0V 3.00A 5.00ns Diodes Inc. Schottky .MODEL DI_B340 D ( IS=9.90n RS=14.0m BV=40.0 IBV=500u + CJO=464p M=0.333 N=0.775 TT=7.20n )

3. Circuit.jpg enter image description here-

4. Single_Model_B340A.jpg enter image description here

5. All_Diode_Models.jpg enter image description here


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