I think I'm doing my Boolean algebra wrong on this circuit. Could someone check my work here? enter image description here


Your calculations are not correct as far as I can see, it's hard to follow where you have go the first equation.

You should follow a process as such:

  1. Start by labelling all nodes. There are 6 output nodes by my count, including the output Q.
  2. Write down the each equation of each node in relation to the nodes before it. You will end up with 6 equations in this case.
  3. Substitute in prior equations to build up a final non-simplified equation for Q.
  4. Simplify using Boolean algebra rules.

I'll give you a hint, in this particular example you will end up with a very simple equation that is well grounded.

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  • \$\begingroup\$ "well grounded" - bit of a huge clue there! \$\endgroup\$ – Glen Yates Jul 17 '17 at 23:11

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