I recently bought this solenoid valve for an Arduino project where I need to flow liquid between 50 and 100 degrees Celsius.

I didn't find a circuit example or a technical sheet specific to this component. Based on a circuit I found for a different solenoid valve, I know I need a transistor and a rectifier diode in order to make it work but I'm not sure if I can use the very same components : A TIP120 Darlington Transistor and a 1N4001 Diode ( from this circuit example ).

Thanks for any help


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It's hard to find reliable information on this valve but it seems the power of this one is 8VA, which means less than 1A DC. Take it with a huge grain of salt however. A measurement is way better than any wild guess though. If the valve current is confirmed, the TIP120 (datasheet [EN]) is quite fit for the job. The freewheel diode should fit, too.


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