I'm looking for an electronic lock to secure a small, wooden box (breadbox-sized). The box is ordinary: one side of the lid is hinged against one side of the box.

When I look for 'electronic locks' in a search engine, I don't get anything that would do: either expensive, bulky door locks (too big and don't hold in the right direction for a box) or just magnets (which won't hold once the power is cut). I just want something small, which requires power and a signal to release the catch/bolt.

Where should I look or what search term should I use?

(I know this may not be apropos here, but I don't see a stackexchange site where it's more relevant.)


A quick and dirty solution is a small motor with a shaped stick that locks into a slot. If you want it to be more robust, you can just use the motor to stick the bar into the slot, without relying on its robustness.

enter image description here

Another idea is a coil, but it's easily opened by a magnet.

IMPORTANT: Remember that with an electric lock, you are subject to the reliability and battery/supply to the circuit. In case something fails, make sure you have an alternative (not that good for a lock).


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