Someone gifted me a device to read electronic control units from cars and trucks. They gave it to me because they don't use it and they have also removed some components from it to fix another device.

I am trying to rebuild it but theres a missing component I am having troubles getting locally (I can't import it because of strict import rules we have where I live will make it hard and expensive to get) is a little smd component marked 27E and it looks like a transistor.

After some googling I found it is a dual bidirectional voltage suppressor NUP2105L. I have no idea what that means, my knowledge in electronics is very basic.

The place where I went to buy it told me they don't have it, but I could replace it with a NUP3105L that they do have. But I decided to do some research to make sure.

So I tried looking at the datasheets (which I barely understand) and the first thing that makes me doubt if it will be a good substitution is that the symbol of each component looks like 4 schottky diodes, but they are pointing in opposite directions.

My question is, would the NUP3105L be a good substitution for a NUP2105L?

If not, is there another replacement I could use to just solder in place of the NUP2105L, without having to modify anything else?


You dont need it for,functionality.

It is an ESD, Load dump, Lightning protection device.

The 3105 is rated for trucks with 24V systems at a higher voltage before clamping

The 2105 is standard for 12V systems.


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