I am using this in my Arduino board to transfer data via Bluetooth.

I wanted to know, how is it poosible to receive data sent by this BT on the PC using C#. What sort of a communication would it be?

Because Serial data is transmitted by this BT, how am I going to receive this data in a C# application.

Please help. I'm a newbie


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Here's a tutorial on C# serial comms.


  • \$\begingroup\$ Hi, in addition to putting RN41 on Arduino board, I would be using a Bluetooth Dongel on my desktop to communicate with Arduino, right? So, do you mean that the dongel would communicate serially on a COM port with the computer? Thanks \$\endgroup\$ – Johnny Jul 9 '10 at 5:28
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To add onto Joby's answer.

Many bluetooth solutions I have used allow you to have tunneled serial. This means that you will just see a com port.

Advanced warning. I have installed drivers for this before and they resulted in about 15 COM ports existing on my computer. They just hang out and annoy me when I am not using bluetooth and am using a different serial port, like an FTDI chip.


You have a few options. I'll start by saying that to spy on a Bluetooth connection already in progress is very difficult unless you have access to one of the connected peers. By access, I mean the ability to start up a Bluetooth stack sniffer. I don't know of one for Windows, so we're left with Linux.

Option 1: "Linux option"

"Sniff" the traffic on the Bluetooth connection in Linux, simply run this command:

hcidump -X

Which will dump all Bluetooth I/O to and from your PC to the screen.

Option 2: "Electronics option"

Another, more electronics oriented solution is to spy on the I/O communications on one of the peers.


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